marți, 11 ianuarie 2011

Avem un anunt important de facut !

Avem un anunt important de facut ! 
Cautam urgent locuri din staff` .. din unele probleme vechiul staff a trebuit sa ne paraseasca asa ca avem un nou administrator si moderator dar avem nevoie si de alti parteneri ! 

Avem locuri libere pentru :

Administrator 1 
Moderatori ( cate cereri avem )
Moderator ( Blog )
dupa aceasta baza vom vedea ce putem rezolva ! 
Vrem sa creati o descriere a voastra , cu locul pe care doriti sa-l ocupati ,numele tot ce credeti voi ca v`ar ajuta sa fiti angajat , trimiteti descrierea pe adresa noastra de e-mail  ! Asteptam dosarele voastre !
 Multumim !

miercuri, 5 ianuarie 2011

MBLAQ to hold first fan meeting on January 9th

MBLAQ will be holding their first fan meet on January 9th at Seoul’s Dome Art Hall. Fans will get to play games with the boys, and see them showcase their hidden talents. There will also be a cake-cutting ceremony as well.

Their management agency stated, “We’ve prepared many different events, as this will be their first fan meet and we want both the group and the fans to enjoy it.”

MBLAQ will also perform the singles “Cry” and “Stay” from their new album, BLAQ Style.

Source + Photo: Newsen

duminică, 2 ianuarie 2011

MBLAQ’s Seungho and G.O share their hopes for 2011

MBLAQ members Seungho and G.O, who were both born in the Year of the Rabbit, wished everyone good luck through their New Year greetings.
“Considering how next year is the Year of the Rabbit, both the
MBLAQ members and I will work harder to make great leaps. Happy New
expressed Seungho.
Seungho also requested for everyone’s support of their upcoming new album. “MBLAQ’s first full-length album will be released next year. We have confidence that we won’t disappoint.”
G.O also added, “We’ve been filming the MV until the last day of
2010. Despite staying up all night, none of the members forgot to smile
and perform our best. We have a good feeling about this. In 2011, MBLAQ
will be releasing our first full album, and we will be undergoing even
more promotional activities as we advance into Japan. To everyone who
took care of MBLAQ, ‘Happy New Years.”
On December 29th, MBLAQ unveiled their first teaser for their
comeback through online sites, and are scheduled to simultaneously
release their album and music video for “Cry” on January 3rd, 2011.

Source: Economic Today via Nate

miercuri, 29 decembrie 2010

MBLAQ’s “Artistic” Comeback

MBLAQ has given their first shot at their first full-length album through an artistic performance.

The countdowns have been placed at MBLAQ’s official fancafé, where fans are waiting for the release of the teaser on 29 December 2010 at midnight.

In conjunction with this, a spokesperson from MBLAQ’s agency has hinted to Newsen on 28 December 2010 that, “MBLAQ’s teaser video will be worth the wait. An artistic performance will be shown in the teaser.” However, there were no details given about the contents.

It is exceptional to see idol groups to combine their performances with an “artistic” image, it is no surprise that the fans interest has increased.

The spokesperson also said, “The members have also changed their hairstyles slightly with new colours and more”, hinting that there’s also a difference in the visuals MBLAQ has shown previously.

MBLAQ’s comeback has been scheduled for the 13 January 2011 on Mnet M! Countdown.

MBLAQ releases their 1st album teaser !

duminică, 26 septembrie 2010

  John Park, Max Changmin, and Thunder..Same Clothe, but Three Different Feelings  

Good looking boy from 'Super Star K2' John Park, DBSK Max Changmin, and MBLAQ Thunder
created feeling of three colors with the same clothe.

John Park wore a long knit which had contrasting colors of black and red when he sang Lee Moonse's
'Red Sunset' with seven other 2nd season live competitions at Mnet 'Super Star K2'.

John Park who dressed in a clean long jacket and sang Lee Moonse's 'In a Rain' at the official
competition stage sang a lively song with brighter clothes and expression.
Other competitors gave a unity to the stage by wearing a costume with the red point.

This knit received an attention since it is same clothe that Max Changmin wore recently
when he departed for the LA concert.
At that time, Max Changmin who appeared in an airport with a cute baby perm hairstyle
presented an airport fashion by being casual.

MBLAQ Thunder wore a same knit when he appeared in front of the fan at last August.
The judgement is that carefree knit livens up Thunder's slim body well.

Credit : MBlaq RAF
MBLAQ G.O. Got Taken Aback at the "Do you have a girlfriend?" Question


MBLAQ's member G.O.was taken aback at the question of whether or not
he has a girlfriend.

G.O. had a talking competition with 4minute Heo Gayoon at the recently
conducted recording of the MBC youth variety show 'Flower Bouquet'.

At this day's recording, G.O. was not able to hide his surprise at Heo Gayoon's
fearless question.

During the competition, after Heo Gayoon asked "Do you have a girlfriend?",
G.O. was not able to answer the question as he hesitated, which made the
recording place full of commotion.

He was accused of being in a relationship which they got introduced to one
another as the blind dates because he showed off his friendship with T-ara.

G.O. and Heo Gayoon's talking competition will be broadcast at the 26th 4:10 p.m..

Credit : MBlaq RAF